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About Pax Minnesota

Help restore the values and traditions of our nation while implementing revolutionary and effective solutions to the challenges us as working class Americans face. We have had the opportunity to speak at various educational centers and entertainment venues sharing stories, struggles and furthermore the reality in which we live in attempting to educate and convey the gravity of our responsibility as Americans to uphold authentic and just morality on a national and personal level.
We plan to make changes that will shake the very foundation of our society; For the future sons and daughters of America will thrive and prosper. Some of the material we will address or challenge are as follows. 

- Raise awareness of the deteriorating living conditions of the lower class and middleclass.
- Community building
- Question the redistribution of wealth on a fair scale.
- Encourage Mentorship 
- Educate others of our power as the consumer in an attempt to redirect our own self sabotage as a society.
- Make a difference, impact the world; and stand for what does not exist today.
- Inform, address, communicate and or destroy any trivial social thought structures that would impede the greater vision whether that be shared or not. ( Example's of this would be Race, Gender, Social Class or status)
- Aiming to unite both the left and the right in order to achieve timely and decisive progress.
- Connect and establish relationships with local workers, politicians, business owners, artists, clergy and veterans. 
- Prevention of the almost certain and inevitable collapse of our corrupt society. 
- Actively communicate, formulate plans/tactics/and strategies.

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