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You or your ancestors colonized what is currently called Canada or the United States and although you don't feel responsible, you feel a little bit bad.  Paying $1 a month in rent helps to alleviate your guilt.  


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You or your ancestors moved here and set up homes without meaning to displace Indigenous peoples, but you know that it happened and although you don't feel directly responsible you want to help out.  $5 a month will add up.  


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You know some Indigenous people and you understand that because of historic and current policies Indigenous communities are having a hard time.  




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About Pay Your Rent

Pay your rent is a way for those who live on the occupied land of Indigenous peoples to give back.  In June 2018 Patty Krawec raised $2000 for menstrual supplies to take on a trip to Iqaluit. That prompted a conversation with donors about doing something ongoing.  Through your monthly rent for living on occupied land we can do a lot of things. Partnering with the Ottawa Chapter of Moon Time Sisters, supporting water protectors in Mik'maki, the Ribbon Sk/hirt Warrior project.  If you want to give one time, you can e-transfer or paypal to [email protected]  

Join the movement.  

$500 - reached! per month
Crisis response

This spring there was flooding throughout Canada and the US, and many reserves do not have access to the kind of media coverage that brings in donations or the kind of financial resources to respond to individual community members. This year we were able to provide $500 to Nipissing First Nation to help with their flood response. At this goal $500/month will be set aside for just such responses. Could be a medical bill.  Text books for a student. It won't be spent every month, but it will be set aside.  Please reach out if you are aware of a need.

(monthly total of $1500)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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