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About Danilo Cuellar

Hello everybody. My name is Danilo Jeremy Cuellar. I am a practitioner of Eastern Healing arts with degrees in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. I have always questioned the status quo, a path that led me to Peaceful Anarchism. Through my journey, I have worn many hats; that of a classical pianist, avid chess player, amateur philosopher, stand up comedian, and now father of two little anarchists. My wife brands me as a Cultural Critic, but I am simply following my thirst for knowledge and passion for writing.

I make videos, podcasts, and write articles on Peaceful Parenting, Attachment Parenting, Homeschooling, Unschooling, Austrian Economics, Libertarianism, Free Market Anarchy, Voluntaryism, and Stateless Societies. I’m a one-man team. I do everything myself. I would love to do this full time.

I am delighted to offer my content for free to all my followers and subscribers. This illustrates the beauty that is the spontaneous order of the Internet. Information that can be transmitted at lightning fast speed online simply cannot compete with the dinosaur institutions of colleges and universities that, until recently, held an iron clad grip over the dissemination and free flow of information. We live in an epoch of unprecedented abundance and wealth. In the age of information, ignorance is a choice. It’s a beautiful time to be alive! :-)

Although I do thoroughly enjoy offering my content for free, I do have inevitable opportunity costs, which must be sacrificed whenever I devote time to writing articles, conducting interviews, engaging in podcasts, editing my videos, and posting my content. These are the realities of life, which I must contend with. If you derive some value or benefit from my content please consider donating to me so that I can enthusiastically continue to produce the best quality content my brain and soul can muster. There can be no monetary value placed on valuable knowledge and beneficial education so I leave this part up to you. Please feel free to donate whatever you feel I deserve for my efforts. My respect and love for the Free Market will always prevail. With your generosity I will always strive towards excellence in spreading what I believe to be the truth to those who are willing to listen. I don’t recommend voting in politics but voting with one’s currency is one of the best ways to bring about a better future. We financially support with our wealth that which we would like to see succeed and flourish. That is the Free Market supporting quality! That is win-win!

Thank you all for taking the time to visit my Patreon page. I truly appreciate your interest in what I do.

Peace, Love, and Anarchy. :-)
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