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About Peacock for Grasshopper3d

Outdated description, come back soon.

Hola! I'm Daniel Abalde, generative designer and Peacock's developer.
It is time for algorithmic jewelry and it is time to do things differently, from design, software, industry and human relations. Let's be the future that we want.

I have created this Patreon to be able to make viable the future of Peacock. I want it to remain free and open source, so we can bring together the algorithmic jewelery software for Grasshopper and Rhinoceros in the same project, open to collaborators and developed/financed by all professionals who wish to use it.

I can and I want to develop a new way of modeling jewelry with the paradigm of generative design. It is a lot of work and to make it viable for free I need the participation of the community. Your help allows me to dedicate my time to:
  • The development of Peacock 1.x (more details below).
  • Prepare tutorials and documentation for self-learning and for educators.
  • Give technical assistance and answer questions.
  • Make it cross-platform, also available for Mac.
  • Offer Peacock as a plugin for Rhinoceros, not just for Grasshopper.
  • Create new tools designed by and for jewelers.
  • Create a template library of parametric jewelry elements such as rings, heads, halos, chains, closures, scenarios...
  • Different languages in the descriptions of the components.
  • Develop tools for 3d printing, project management, presentations...
  • To create an online forum to plug the community, a store for share or sell jewelry definitions and tools...
  • Make me happy working on what I'm passionate about.

Other ways to help.
  • Suggest new tools that you would like to have.
  • Notify me if you find a bug.
  • Help me improve this Patreon.
  • Share this Patreon in your social networks.

If you want to tell me something: [email protected] or Facebook page.

Current version

Currently Peacock is in the Teen Release | v0.99.1 and is under CC BY-SA 4.0 license. It allows modeling parametric and generative jewelry with Grasshopper, in an easy, fast and powerful way. With more concise design flows for non-advanced Grasshopper users, and generic tools to be able to create wonderful pieces outside the conventional 3d modeling of jewelry. New creative horizons, task automation, making collections at the same time from a single design, infinite variations of a design, costing integrated into the design process... Learn more about algorithmic jewelry from here and here

What can we expect from the next version?

The next release will be a huge change and that's why I need your help. Firstly, Peacock will not only be a plugin (.gha) for Grasshopper and Rhinoceros, it will also be a generative jewelry framework (a code library written in C#), where advanced designers will be able to use all of Peacock's functionality from code, to go even further in design and creation of new tools. I think I'll be one of the first to liberalize all the basics of jewelry software, at least in the Rhinoceros environment. I will encourage all developers to participate in this project so that it really is a collaborative project. And I aspire to make Peacock the frame of reference for advanced modeling of jewelry, make it popular enough to introduce the new aesthetic standards in the market, facilitate the adaptation of the jewelry sector to a new era, and be able to live doing it.

First, I need to move the current version to Visual Studio to build the library and create an SDK (Software Development Kit) of the current state, upload it to my Github, and wait for response from the dev community. Whatever it is, I will continue to work on any of the many pending tasks, which include:
  1. Prepare basic-intermediate-advanced learning content for my Patreons.
  2. Improve components and increase the collection of jewellry tools
    1. Gems settings, bevels, cutters, claws...
    2. Advanced tools for paves, the holy grail. I have created automatic paves for clients and I have a lot of ideas in mind for this (exclusive for Patreons).
    3. Jewelry elements (earrings, clasps, chains, sets, stages...).
    4. Rings with the option to create them from a curve to customize them beyond the circle.
    5. More profiles for rings, channels, pipes...
    6. Better analysis tools.
    7. Components for animation, export and Rhino document configuration.
    8. More components that synthesize design processes.
  3. Integrate in GH some interface element for Peacock. The component tabs is not enough for everything I want to do:
    1. A floating window to navigate in our projects folder, examples or jewellry files and keep them well organized.
    2. A collaborative library of Grasshopper definitions for jewelry. To avoid repeat tasks, to learn, and (in the future) to share or sell yours. Here will be the parametric templates of rings, earrings, closures... Parametric jewelry elements templates, of course, exclusive for Patreons.
    3. A manager to control the production of generative designs (different design solutions of a generative algorithm) efficiently and designed for production (cost calculation, technical tables, renders, instructions, etc.). A system to control different results of the generative design, like gh save states, but much more advanced, so that, for example, automate the search for the most profitable or cheaper piece in a collection of results. In general, the administrative part of the design (exclusive for Patreons).
    4. User settings (preferences, like to decide whether to instantiate also sliders next to components).
  4. Prepare help/explanation for each component and Peacock documentation (exclusive for Patreons).
  5. A permutator for generative algorithms, that automates the solution of an algorithm changing the parameters, in order to obtain and store different results of its parametric space. This allows to automate the creation of jewelry collections, or explore the result with less material or less manufacturing cost, or customized mass production, only designing once and pressing a button.
  6. Tools for digital manufacturing and printability (exclusive for Patreons).
  7. Bridge with ShapeWays and ShapeDiver.
  8. A Peacock installer to avoid the current primitive way to install a plugin in Grasshopper.

The order of these tasks is still to be defined, I would like to know the priorities of my Patreons. My intention is to keep them close and really involve them in this project. Collaboration with other developers, designers, institutions, educators and private companies will be defined in the near future. Meanwhile you can contact me by email: [email protected]

I want to participate, what should I do?

It's simple, first create an account in Patreon and then choose the reward you want to receive based on your monthly contribution. This place will allow us to be in contact, follow the development closely and participate in it. Here you can solve your doubts about Patreon. 

What privileges do I get as Patreon?

First of all, every time an objective is reached, I will post it on my Facebook page along with the personal or brand name of all Patreons of Peacock. The patreons that collaborate with $10 or more can send me a private message from here to specify what name and link to their website to put in these publications. This way I will make you visible to other people who can love what you do with Peacock and Grasshopper.

The rewards are based on the monthly contribution and are cumulative, also receiving the privileges of lower contributions.

Thanks to all those who have helped me all these years, and many thanks to those who want to sustain the growth of Peacock.

Daniel Abalde

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