Leeann Hamilton is creating Art, comics, and tutorials!

Tip Jar

$1 /mo
Thank you kindly! You'll get to see updates of my work, and have early access to hi-resolution images.

Tea Pot

$2 /mo
You're eligible to chip in any ideas for future content and tutorials. 
You also get early hi-resolution files, AND the PSD/raw files to go with it, where it's applicable!

Sizeable Samovar

$4 /mo
You'll get the previous rewards, and early access to finished PDFs of comics new and old! 

Charity Breakfast

$10 /mo
No hecking idea?? It might encourage me to livestream both my digital and traditional work. Hmm!

Single Character Commission

$35 /mo
This gets you a character commission! But drawled on my computer, just for you, of whatever you like.* The price is in USD, which is the most notable difference here on Patreon, an...

Full Illustration Commission

$110 /mo
This gets you an entire full illustration! Drawled on my computer, you can commission me for a unique piece of art, a comic cover, or an entire comic book page!*