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🎵well if ya wanna be me, be me! and if ya wanna be you, be you, cause there's a million things to be, you know that there are? and if ya wanna sing out, sing out! and if ya wanna be free, be free. cause there's a million things to be, ya know that there a-a-are!

In seriousness though, I am a budding young general artist with Interests in sci-fi, 40k, and a shounen Anime known as DBZ[for the handful that doesn't know about it]

I started drawing as old as 8, and only recently have I gotten better, (but that's quite a step up if you ask me.) 

My favorite types of art to make are Traditional and Digital drawings, as well as 3D models.

when not creating art I am either walking my dog, playing video games while dreaming of one day making my own, bicycling, studying, or D talking about all of the above. ('cept Studying, cuz who's square enough to actually want to talk about that?) if not doing any of these I guess I'm asleep. 

As you can see, my art isn't ALL that, but we gettin' there, we gettin there...

I am also occasionally tempted to go outside and play with my Nerf blasters like it's 2010 again, but I don't, for the very reason I walk the dog at night and ride the bike at near sunset, <the heeeeat> 

Anyways, May the force be with you, For the Emperor, For Kerensky and the Inner Sphere, and Let's finish the fight.
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  1. eh, a bit of FunMoney nobody has to pay if they don't want to.
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