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You get to see what I write. You get to see the photos I make. New posts with be patrons only, until the next post goes up, so you'll get to see the yarns and scarves and such other cloths as I make, before anyone else does; which means you have the chance to snaffle them up before anyone else does, because the most recent post will be patrons only.

The way it works is when I make a new post, it's locked, and the previous post becomes public.  Since I'm managing about a post a week, it gives you a couple of days before yarns, scarves, photos, and anything else I might be selling is available to the entirety of the internet.
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Now you also get an annual coupon, for 15 percent off of a made thing. At the very least I will be making yarns, and scarves, and photographs. If I get back into working wood, there may be cups, or bowls, or crochet hooks, boxes, cutting boards, etc.
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Instead of a one-time discount of 15 percent you get a standing discount of 10 percent on made things. You can also ask for a watermarked image at a resolution suitable for use as a desktop, once a year.




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I do lots of things: I'm a photographer, a spinner, a weaver, a cook, a raconteur.   I'm semi-retired, after a career as an Army interrogator/interrogation instructor, which gives me time to do things.  I also like to share. In my life I've been (in addition to the aforementioned career), a machinist, an actor, a journalist, a semi-farmer, done pizza, sold cookware, sharpened knives.

I like to share the things I make. I like to talk about process; the how and the what. I like to talk about tools, and techniques, about the success and the failures. I will also talk about the state of both my world, and the world at large. I am a political animal, and lots of things are touched by politics.
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To really play with fabric, I need a more complex loom. I need a warping board. To produce pictures I need, at the very least, time. Time to plan projects, time to capture the images, time to edit collections and pictures. On top of that I need fiber to feed the wheel: to make the yarn, to make the fabrics.

If I'm going to write about it, well I need time to do that.  As they say, time is money.

A Patron is someone who supports you. In Rome one's "Patronus" was the person you went to see to take of things you needed. A really important person, with lots of pull, would have dozens of people calling them "patron". Little things, to big things. The same basic system was how art was funded almost to the present. Take a look at dedications for things, e.g. Shakespeare's Sonnets; most of those were done as work for hire. He had a patron. 

I could get a part-time job again, but if I do that, the time I need (and a lot of the energy required) gets sucked up. Spinning a skein takes a couple of hours. Weaving a thing takes a couple of hours: a single photo, from start to finish, takes several hours; some of them take days. Writing takes a couple of hours for every couple of thousand words. I could use a Patron.

So I intend to blog about something roughly once a week. I can do that. I've been a columnist. I don't promise any specific subject, though fiber, and food, and photos will be prominent. Right now I've got about a terabyte of RAW files to work my way through, which includes a lot of stuff from when I was traveling for the US Army (and a trip to Galapagos). As I work my way through those I'll talk about where I was, and how/why I took whatever shots I put up.

$400 a month is about what I averaged doing retail part time.
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