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is creating a 24/7 Terraria server

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  • A special Heart flair on the server
  • Access to selected exclusive vanity items
  • Customizable prefixes and suffixes accessed with the /chat command
  • Customizable chat color
  • Customizable join and leave messages
Includes Discord benefits
Mega PedHead
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  • PETS! - The ability to have a pet of your choice follow you anywhere on the server with the command /pet
  • The ability to create a private server to play with just your friends - accessible by typing the "/private <game>" command
  • All rewards of the tier above
Includes Discord benefits
Ultra PedHead
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  • Instant access to ALL vanity items
  • Chat color gradient
  • Savable and loadable chat sets
  • Access to more exclusive pets not available to the previous tier
  • All rewards of the tiers above
Includes Discord benefits




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What is the Pedguin Server?

We're a 24/7 Terraria server with plenty of multiplayer fun.

Our server is the pioneer in the Terraria multiplayer community. There no other server that has our wide selection of automated minigames to play which is constantly expanding and updating day by day. On top of that we have easily one of the biggest playerbase & communities in this area.

IMPORTANT: To get your ingame perks you **MUST** contact an Administrator on our Discord. Don't post comments on this page, or on our posts.

Join us in Terraria with
IP: & port: 7777

Your contribution to the server which will go towards helping support server costs will also reward you with several in-game perks as seen on the right!


I became a patron, How do I get my Rank?

A: To get your in-game rank, Join our Discord community server Click Here and contact any of our Admins with the community manager role to process your rank.

Q: Where does the money go?
: This money goes towards the Admins that run the server. None of this money goes towards paying for the upkeep of the server, none of this money goes towards in-game events.

Q: So who pays for the upkeep of the server?
Pedguin. Pedguin has been paying for the server for longer then 4 years and is keen to keep the community going for many more years.

Q: How are Admins chosen?
Admins are chosen from talented trusted members of the community. If you are talented at coding and would like to join the team you can showcase some of your work in a video and email it here - [email protected]

Q: I can't code but I want to help, how can I?
You can help by creating maps for minigames or the parkour! visit and go into the Contact Us section for builds & suggestions!

Do I need mods to play your server?
No! - Our server doesn't use any mods at all. Everything on the server is specially modified to create a unique user experience when compared to all other servers; with NO additonal downloads or addons!

Q: Can I play on your server from handheld devices or console? 
Nope. The way Terraria works right now doesn't allowed cross platform play - Maybe someday!
$214.53 of $1,000 per month
At this point, we could have at least one developer work on the server full-time as their job. This means that we can more quickly put out content, fix bugs, and upgrade our infrastructure. The biggest limit to adding server features and content is that our developers are busy with school/work obligations and cannot dedicate as much time as they'd like. With enough funds here, our developers could make the server first priority in their lives.
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