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About PeerAmid Creative Studios

Our own hero’s journey…
PeerAmid Creative Studios has been quietly building a network, throwing events, and doing research and development to define innovative tools and trainings for creative professionals, healers, and businesses of any kind.
We have unearthed a rare opportunity to expand into a physical space, gathering our community and testing our products within a co-working concept.
The Emerald Temple
Subject to evolve, The Emerald Temple is the loving nickname we have given to the new PeerAmid Creative Studios Headquarters. This 1940s Phoenix home turned office space features 10 rooms, including a basement, a classroom, a recording studio, and a kitchenette.
We will be transforming this space to play host to a storefront, a community co-working and learning center, healing space, and a production studio.
The building was updated in 2017, so most of the changes we need to make will just be to build some workspaces and add on to the studio and kitchenette.
We need your help.
With a powerful concept comes a diverse set of needs. We serve multiple communities, and wish to do our absolute best to facilitate their absolute best.
PeerAmid Creative Studios is a community business, a social enterprise. As such, we feel it is absolutely essential to get our community involved right from the start.
Rather than taking on an investment team that becomes a board of directors seeking to elevate our profit margins, our goal is to keep the interests of the members we serve as our focal point, with the understanding that we will all prosper together.
The more we raise through this campaign, the more value we can offer right off the bat to our community members.

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