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 You are everywhere, you have no name, no face. You are only here to witness the greatness of Lin Feng.

While closely following Lin Feng in his adventure, you will stumble ahead by 1 chapter at the beginning of the week.  

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 Your sect was annihilated in an ocean of blood, they took everything from you and now force you to fight in the arena. 

While fighting in the arena, you will always hear people telling the latest stories about Lin Feng, allowing you to get next week's chapters + 1 chapter ahead 

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 You are one of the chosen few who are granted access to the inner sect. You are proud wherever you go. 

You are privy to the secrets shared by the upper echelons of the sect. You will know all of next week's chapters + 3 chapters before they are released. 




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About Totally Translations

Hi Not Sane here, I am the crazy bunny that is dedicated to providing Totally (Insane) Translations for everyone to read.

With your support, we will be able to pay the translators and editors for the time they dedicate towards PMG. We spend multiple hours on each and every chapter, from translating to editing, in the hope of providing readers with the highest quality of translations. Patrons will have early access to translated chapters while also contributing to an increase in the weekly regular chapters.

Let's hit some goals, shall we?
  • $250: 4 Regular chapters per week. 
  • $500: 5 Regular chapters per week. 
  • $1,000: 7 Regular chapters per week. 
  • $1,500: 9 Regular chapters per week.
  • $2,000: 11 Regular chapters per week.
  • $3,000: 15 Regular chapters per week.
  • $4,000: 19 Regular chapters per week.
  • $4,500: 21 Regular chapters per week.
**Releases for the week are based off the donation amount at the start of the week (Sundays). If we hit a larger Patreon goal later in the month, we will compensate at the end of the month to equal that goal "for the month" in a bonus release!
$34.30 of $250 per month
4 Regular chapter releases per week.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 647 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 647 exclusive posts

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