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Peluso Presents is an extensive blog, long form writing (future book) and a podcast.  To understand what i'm trying to accomplish with Peluso Presents is to take a quick look at the project's Mission and Vision Statement (Hey, it's a business oriented website and podcast so of course we have a mission and vision statement!): 

The current mission of Peluso Presents is to provide a forum and a discussion for the world of the Professional Individual Contributor. It will focus on the challenges individual contributors face in the professional world, it will chronicle the how’s and why’s of the environment, and it will offer solutions if they are available both practical and theoretical.

The vision of Peluso Presents to provide broadly accessible, unique, insightful and entertaining content in the subject areas it highlights. It will also serve as a chronicle of the different projects that are undertaken by the contributors so that others who wish to engage in similar efforts will have a reference and encouragement with their journey.
Bottom Line: We are trying to create entertaining content and help others who wish to do something similar.
Any revenue from Patreon will go towards buying equipment, supportive services, and in general it will go towards making the whole project higher quality. 

Thanks for reading and for any contributions you are considering!!  

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