is creating Comics of various varieties, with variating styles!

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Mah pon'

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Access to Early mini comics series, all desktop wallpaper art and some of the print quality items.
Sales tax may be added to your donation sun, according to patreon, I do not know the exact sum. but it is around 10-20% of the purchase.
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Glorious pon

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Same as earlier step, but also access to all print quality stuff.
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This tier adds access to all tutorials and other guff I may Generate time permitting. If you want to see some sort of tutorial for clip studio or photoshop, let me know! 
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I am a passionate comic book artist who constantly strives to better his skills in all areas of comic book creation. It has been my lifelong dream to make my living doing comics ever since I was a wee lad who heard that you actually can be paid for doing something so awesome as telling stories and illustrating what you imagine up in your mind. It sounded the best thing ever and my mind has not changed since!

Comics to me have always been most fascinating form of art, they tell a story and bring entire worlds to life, they are manageable way to portray the most fantastic things without multi-million budget and the freedom involved in comics is not limited just to funding but the subjects you explore.

As you pledge to me some cash you help me to focus more on my art and worry less about keeping myself fed and clothed. I want to give my life to the creation of comics and have many great ideas and stories in my mind, and only thing that truly frightens me is that I would have to go to grave one day without having told all and every one of them to other people.

Help me to tell my stories! Sit down by the fire and join me for a tale of high adventure!

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$825.63 of $1,100 per month
This will permit me to pay my rent and also afford food, so I will be able to completely focus on comics for my survival, no more advertisements and brochures for me to pay the bills. 
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