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I don't know about you, but I was blindsided by the whole role reversal/aging parents thing. I really had no idea that it was coming. My parents were fine until one day they weren't.

My Mom was diagnosed with dementia (most likely alzheimer's). I know it's supposed to be capitalized, but passive-aggressively, I refuse to give it that power. A few months later My Dad had a mild heart attack followed by a cascading set of medical issues. And now suddenly, they need me. A lot. I was not prepared. I'm "adjusting" but it is a constant juggle struggle to look after them and still live my own life. And that's how People with Parents was born.

It's a personal storytelling podcast where, in uber short micro-episodes, I talk about and try to figure out the role reversal that happens between adult children and their aging parents.

If you want to laugh, cry, commiserate, and know that you are not alone on your caregiver journey, please subscribe, listen and share on your podcast player of choice.  

We all need all the compassionate comedy we can get.

What Listeners Have Said About People with Parents
This podcast is a necessity for me. It enters spaces and places in aging not discussed openly with an excellent blend of hilarity and sobering poignant thoughts. Its transparency and resonance are refreshing. Thank you for sharing these elements of yourself and your experiences.

I came across this podcast and it made me marvel at how things greet you when you step into the truth of your circumstances! The waning lucidity I am forced to deal with on each phone call and visit with my once fierce and tireless (ok, also tiresome) parents was validated in Leighann’s humor, exasperation and uncertainty! As I first-generation Haitian-American, her point on the healthcare caste system was not lost on me, either. I look forward to her sharing more of her journey with her beautiful parents. I’ve got faith in you AND your ducks, Leighann!!

I first discovered Leighann Lord on social media and have always enjoyed her intelligent, thought-provoking and funny podcasts/comedy shows. Delivering a show that has all three of these characteristics takes special talent and Leighann has it! Her work is best appreciated by a more mature audience but won’t burn the ears of children if they walk into the room. This particular podcast allows us all to experience and appreciate Leighann’s life journey with aging parents with a mix of seriousness and humor.

I'm a fan of Leighann's intelligence, comedic timing, and storytelling. So I knew she would deliver on a podcast, and I was not disappointed. Her stories about being a daughter with a capital "D" (listen to understand the reference) are funny and relatable. Give her a listen!

I just finished listening to "That Middle of the Night Phone Call". First of all, what a fantastic voice and delivery Leighann has! I think I could listen to her all night. Second, this podcast had me smiling throughout while tearing up most of the time. I am definitely hooked. Third, I am probably fast becoming one of those "parents" with my son being one of those "people". 😉 I think we all can enjoy and benefit from this wonderful podcast… What a fantastic idea! Most everyone has this life experience or will have. I will definitely be sending the link to my son. Thank you Leighann! 


People with Parents is lived, written, and produced by standup comedian, author, keynote speaker, and personal podcaster Leighann Lord. Visit her at VeryFunnyLady.com.
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Real Talk. Taking care of My Parents means not working on the road as a standup comedian as much as I used to. To be blunt: the road is where the money is. Hopefully, your generosity and support of this podcast will make being closer to home more financially feasible.
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