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I have been cosplaying for fun for three years now, and have been very happy making what I can with-in my means. But I am looking to expand. It is difficult to get money together to do large projects, and now that I have started competing it's nearly impossible now to grow with people's expectations of me. I am having fun, and that will always be my goal, but if I want to compete at NYCC this year, and C2E2 next year, I need a little help from friends family and fans to get there. 
This patreon is purely here for those who wish to help me with my cosplay goals while I with my adult life struggle on with my adult responsibilities. I want to make people proud, I want to make people happy, I want to be a challanger at competitions. I believe in raising people up, and mentoring, and that is my ultimate goal here. To be a positive light in the cosplay community. While I am new and not as talented as so many, there are things I have learned that I am eager to pass on to others. Helping me cosplay opens up opportunities for me to attend events and conventions and meet people who I hope to inspire. 
Your donations will be going into my grand cosplays, as well as my prints, my tutorials, and other content. 

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