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About Pepperoni-Puffin

Hello all!

My name is Ashley, also known as @Pepperoni-Puffin. Welcome to my Patreon!

I created this so that I can afford to continue making custom content for you all on a regular basis. All items will come out later for public download, so becoming a patron is not at all required to get my content. However, there are many exclusive perks!


Can I still get your stuff for free later?
Yep! All my custom content will still be released to the public 1 week after the initial Patreon release. 

Why are you starting a Patreon?
I spend a lot of time making custom content. I love making it, but I also need to make ends meet. Adobe (and life in general) is expensive. Donations would give me the freedom to devote my time to creating without stressing about financial demands.

How often will you release stuff?
I plan to release at least 4 items per month. Also, if my number of patrons grows I can devote more time to cc creation and that number will definitely go up!

How does my idea become a "Sponsor Idea of the Month"?
It's pretty simple! If you are subscribed to my $3+ tier, every month you can send me a direct message on Patreon or Tumblr consisting of an idea/ideas you have for something you'd like to see me make. Every month I will choose my favorite submission, create it, and give a shout out to the person who thought of it!


Keep in mind: A dollar for me is a dollar towards kibbles for my two fluffy kitties. Do it for teh fluffehs! Feedz them! $ = :3
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