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  • BEHIND THE SCENES Exclusive Access
  • EARLY ACCESS to Youtube videos 
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About Perfectly Serious Productions

What is Perfectly Serious Productions?

Hello! We are Caitlin, Katey, and Julia, and we are a parody channel launched on YouTube July 6, 2015. Our goal is to create music video parodies, skits, and other humorous media to showcase our love for fandoms and comedy. Recently we have delved into the realm of reaction videos, which have been super fun! We love the feedback we have gotten from all of you so far and would love to continue doing them on a regular basis in addition to the larger parody productions.

Why do you need help? 

For our larger productions, we always use all-or-nothing crowdfunding campaigns such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo since those allow us to focus rewards on that particular project. Here on Patreon, we would love to give all of you the chance to be part of our other videos we do on a more consistent basis, whether it’s reaction videos or reviews of a popular film/show or even challenge videos. However, all three of us are currently working other jobs to stay afloat so we need that extra help from all of you in order to do this on a regular basis like we hope to.

Here is a list of the costs we expect on any given reaction video: 

  • Editing Programs: You not may realize it, but these reaction videos actually require a bit of editing before we can release them out into the world. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to watch the trailer with us and it would look as though we were staring off into space! And since all 3 of us have our own computers, we all need to purchase access to the same editing program that allows us to add in all those nice effects and fonts you see at the end of each video.
  • Wardrobe/Props: One thing we hope to do more of in future reaction and challenge videos is get into character for whatever fandom we are covering, since we want to make it even more fun for you guys to watch. So in order to do, that, we’ll need some help with purchasing those costume pieces and props, some of which we may even give away in contests afterward! 

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When we reach 20 Patrons, we will do a live stream on YouTube and include favorite guest stars from our projects!
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