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About Peridexis Errant

Hi there!  Since 2012, I've been spending my free time making Dwarf Fortress more accessible.  You can get my Starter Pack here!  If you want to say thanks, or change my work/life balance - you can sign up for monthly support here, or as a one-off via PayPal.

My favourite game used to be Age of Empires - but there were always limits, and I dreamed of controlling every detail of a castle, from walls to food.  Eventually, I found Dwarf Fortress - but it's reputation made it inscrutable, a game to put in a museum, not play.  Much later, I stumbled over the DF community - and it was amazing!  I found the basics fairly quickly, but there is more that people hadn't heard of - from bugfixes to interface overhauls to online play.  Eventually I decided to give something back by sharing my pack - saving others the trouble of finding and configuring everything - and the rest is history.

These days, I do a couple of things:
  • Maintaining the DF Starter Pack - which means keeping up to date on the status of ever major graphics pack, package, utility, hack, script, and whatever else - then regularly integrating, configuring, and testing the lot to upload as an update
  • Contribute to PyLNP - I made the mods module among other things, and make sure there's a variety of perspectives on what the launcher should do - as well as DFHack, where I focus more on documentation and making sure all the community scripts make it in.
  • Other FOSS software stuff - like scripts to handle the interface between other components of the Starter Pack, feedback or contributions to other DF-related projects, and more.  I particularly enjoy fixing up documentation!
  • Active in forums, moderating /r/dwarffortress on Reddit, and so on.  Lots of questions from new players to answer!

So where does money come in?  Basically, all this takes time - and every dollar of support makes it easier to spend that hour on DF rather than my job this week.  Pledges are per-month rather than per-pack so we can all be confident that the schedule is best for players, not for my pocket.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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