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Hi guys!

First of all. Thank you so much for stopping in and considering supporting what I'm trying to do here. 

so what exactly is it that I'm aiming for...
honestly. I'm just a girl with a lot of big ideas. I'm working on creating a studio for myself so that I can create all kinds of things. things to hopefully better the lives of people and set an example and things that allow me to express my creativity to it's fullest. 

Currently I'm working on development of my very own podcast, additionally my biggest goal right now is to make videos. Videos about life, positivity, make up and the world around me as i see it. 

it's a lot and it's a little but crazy but I am excited and can't wait to show you all what I'm made of.

I've created this as a way to work towards the things I need to make this dream a reality. 

*I'm working on being able to afford a basic camera and tripod set up so that when i finish creating my workspace i can start making content for you guys

*working on podcasting development and launch
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You're amazing!

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I'd like to get a camera and a little set up to work with it that includes a tripod and to finish my studio i would like to be able to get a small couch for filming my YouTube unboxings and other videos. 
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