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About Jonathan Ponikvar

Peter and Company is a comic that I have published online since 2005. Several years later in 2012, I partnered with Spark-Flow Studios to pitch the concept of an animated series based on the comic and fund a pilot episode via Kickstarter. The campaign was successful and the pilot episode was funded, which is now in production. Since then we have come up with some fantastic ideas for how to make the pilot even greater.

By pledging as a patron to Peter and Company, you will be contributing to both the comic and the future animated series. The more funds we can raise for the series' budget, the better quality we will be able to make the pilot episode and the greater chance we have of delivering a successful pitch. Individual comic updates will continue even after the animated series is launched, and will be posted to the official site regularly every other Monday.

Your support will not only fund regular updates to the comic and increase the potential of the pilot, but will also assist with the completion/publishing of future book collections and other P&C-related projects!

Read the entire comic online for free at or on the Katbox at

For a pledge of just $5 a month, you gain access to a TON of additional content to supplement the online comic, with regular scheduled updates every Friday. In addition to early access to the pencils/colors for all main comic updates throughout each month, each specific Friday will receive a particular update, following the schedule below:

  • Friday 1: Update on the Pilot Episode - Each week on Monday/Tuesday evenings, I am hosting a stream on Picarto where I work exclusively on the Peter & Company pilot episode. Everything from storyboards/animatics to voice work to character models/turnarounds will be developed during these streams, with the first Friday of each month containing a culminating post of the previous month's work.
  • Friday 2: "Ask the Characters" Image - Questions are asked directly of the cast via Twitter or Patreon comments, and full-color responses will be posted. Each new image will be posted to Twitter publicly at the end of each month.
  • Friday 3: The Ancient Archives of Peter & Company (PATREON EXCLUSIVE) - Everyone starts somewhere. As a young cartoonist, I had produced a good 6 years' worth of comics and artwork between 1998 and 2004 for what was intended to be the original version of Peter & Company, prior to the Guardian reboot in 2005. Throughout each month I will be sharing pieces of the original series, giving glimpses into how I got my start in cartooning and how each character came to be. Some of this material is extremely rough and isn't typically something a professional artist would want to share with the general public, BUT I'M GONNA DO IT ANYWAY!
  • Friday 4: P&C Print Collection Book Updates (PATREON EXCLUSIVE) - Updates on the second and third P&C book collections, including full color versions of grayscale comics and book-exclusive comic story arcs. I've had these on the back burner for far too long and it's time to get them out the door!
  • Friday 5 (only during months that have a fifth Friday): New 1080p Wallpaper (PATREON EXCLUSIVE) - Looking for a new 1080p wallpaper? I plan to produce a new one as a bonus for months that have an extra Friday, featuring the various cast members of Peter & Company.

Thank you, and I hope you consider pledging to support the series!
-Jonathan and Whitney Ponikvar

Official Comic Site:
Peter & Company on the Katbox:
Discord Community:
Facebook Page:
Picarto Stream Page:

ALSO: Consider pledging to our Peter & Whitney Patreon Campaign (NSFW) to support the sequel comic series!
$70.61 of $500 per month
We will begin producing once-a-month comic and art tutorials on a variety of subjects, formatted for both Twitter and Youtube. These will be shared with the general public as well once completed, but specific topics can only be requested by Patreon members.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 74 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 74 exclusive posts

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