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Peter Hobbs has never met anyone he wouldn't rather be. He has been declared an honorary lesbian. He has been fired by Anna Wintour. He loves to mow a lawn. He has lived appreciatively in Harlem for 20 years, and has been described variously as "an old redneck cracker" and "a little white boy," though, to be fair, he is 6'5". He receives free coffee for life after intervening in a cafe knife fight. He used to play the bass until his fingers bled, but missed the sense of danger that comes from typing. He wears a beard to look older. He collects vernacular like butterflies. He is a fool, but possibly no more so than you-- though it's not a contest, is it. If so, he plays to win.

What does Peter Hobbs do?

He created the filmed interview series Living the Classical Life (which recently released its 46th episode) and is working on a sister series, Living the Jazz Life. He has written a novel called Bar Band, about four musicians struggling to survive in Ohio, and is working on its sequel. He has been a filmmaker for 30 very odd years, and with his partner Liz Foley has made many movies, among them the award-winning feature Bridge of Names and the award-winning shorts Anniversary and Pills.

What does Peter Hobbs want to do?

More.  With your help.  Please choose one of those "Rewards" in the column to your right.  And stop me from making more videos like this...

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I search constantly for ideas that will change me.  In blog posts here, I'll share some of what I find with those who can muster 5 bucks a month.  

For example, this bracing fact:  "The share of the world population that survives on fewer than 2,000 calories a day has dropped from 51% in 1965 to 3% in 2005."  (Utopia for Realists; Rutger Bregman; 2016)

The Best of Other People's Wisdom
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In posts for this level, I'll share some of what I've collected over a few decades.  For example... nah, I'm not telling.  Okay, okay... 

From William James (Henry's brother): "Genius, in truth, means little more than the faculty of perceiving in an unhabitual way."  I love that, because it means that any idiot can be a genius by digging beneath the surface of things.
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If you rise to this level for a while, I'll put your name in the special thanks of my first novel, Bar Band, when it's published, or in the sequel.  Along with the aforementioned wisdom.
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I'll release two interviews with jazz musicians, as part of the new series Living the Jazz Life.
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