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About Phaedra

Oh, well hello there! Welcome to my Patreon page, I'm glad you stopped by!

I'm Phaedra Black, a burlesque performer and producer who enjoys bringing her smart ass attitude and body positive aesthetic to the stage. I have been performing burlesque in Chicago since 2011, after studying under the renowned Michelle L'amour. I havd been seen nationally at The Great Burlesque Exposition, Vermont Burlesque Festival, and Diversi-Tease, and all throughout Chicagoland including the Double Door, Elbo Room, and the Uptown Underground. In 2014, I founded the Better Boobie Bureau, Chicago's Buffet of Burlesque, an inclusive and body positive production company in Chicago.

Learning the art of burlesque as a plus sized woman has helped me find the beauty and sexy in my own body, and come to terms with how to be confident despite my imperfections. I desire to have my art express that for others too.
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