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Trying to keep things affordable and therefore accessible!  So all supporters at this level will get  special bonus content in addition to the regular, publicly available episodes of my podcast, as well as sneak-previews of some of my other creative projects!

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Thanks very much!  Those who pledge at this level get all the benefits of The Labyrinth tier, plus a lovely poster version of the podcast artwork!

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Wow, thank you enormously!  Supporters at this tier will receive all the perks of the previous tiers (podcast bonus-content, sneak previews and the poster), plus access to full versions of my writing and music projects!



About PhantomFemme

Hi!  First of all, thanks hugely for coming here and supporting my work.  Believe me, every bit really does help!  It's my dream in life to be able to support myself by doing this work that I love, and that, I believe, contributes in its own way to the struggle for a world of love, compassion, justice and peace.  So any and all contributions are extremely gratefully received!

As to what I do, I'm a Disabled, ChristoPagan, gender-fluid, Queer multimedia artist currently working in my home town of Tkaronto/Toronto.  My flagship project right now is my podcast - "In This Labyrinth: The Phantom of the Opera In Erik's Times and Ours" - where I explore Phantom through Disability-centred intersectionality.  But I also make music and write, most often on similar themes of Disability, gender, Queerness, social/environmental justice and spirituality.  You can find my stuff at the URLs below, although I'll also be posting it here (hopefully a bit ahead of its release to those other sites) for you all as a way of saying thanks!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy my work as much as I enjoy doing it.  And thanks again for your awesome support!
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When I get my first 20 patrons, I'll share one of my Phantom-inspired short stories for y'all!
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