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About Phen

Yo yo!  I'm Phen, painter, comic artist, illustrator, writer, and I'm currently working on one of my biggest projects -- a webcomic called There's No Such Thing as Jason - I.T.  With your monthly contribution, I can focus on creating more stories and fleshing out the unique world of Jason!  Who is Jason?
That's a big question! Ultimately, he's the main character in There's No Such Thing as Jason - I.T., an always free-to-read drama/psychological thriller comic.  It follows Jason, a nervous college freshman student trying to confront a side-stepped demon from his past; one that was quite obsessed with his previous best friend, Dim.
Dim and Jason were once good friends, introduced to one another by their older siblings. Those same siblings had zealous ideals, turning a video game into an experimental project, causing an intense identity crisis for both of them.  It left Dim horribly bitter and Jason with little memory of the event in question.
2 years later, Dim shows up on Jason's campus working as an I.T. consultant making things increasingly tense.  It doesn't help that Jason's technical problems grow in tandem with his proximity to Dim...

It's a massive story which plays heavily on perspective, psychology, and how processing of events can be influenced by the microcosms of our physiology.

Telling this story requires the sacrifice of a lot of time, money, and triple that in energy.  But with your support, I can totally do it.  If you can't pledge, a couple kind words or sharing my comic with your friends is just as rad!  Or if you'd like to support Jason with a one-time donation, please feel welcome to visit my Ko-fi page or Storenvy for merchandise!

I am uber excited and wholly privileged being able to share my stories but I'm hoping to grow beyond the limits of cost-conscious platforms.  With your patronage, you will invest in not only my art but a lifetime's worth of infectious fascination that I hope to get out of me and in print, right in front of your eyes.  All my gratitude for your time and support! Much respect~

$133.86 of $200 per month
Saccharides Energy Surplus!  Once we reach this goal, we will be able to bring more issues of There's No Such Thing as Jason to print.  Additionally, each month, I'll begin posting progress pages of the I.T. Manual, a crucial guide to understanding the technical side of Jason as presented in a comic format for all pledging tiers.

I'll also be able to offer extra character features in the form of bonus mini comics posted twice monthly! Let's see what kind of out-of-comic weirdness happens with Jason, Day, Dim, and View~
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