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✦You are a VIP player, helping me to kick up the process of proper art!✦
  • My sugar-coated and deepest appreciation for your support!
  • Exclusive peeks at my sketchbook, digital month...

Hi-fi Debugger

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✦Debug mode unlocks hi-res versions of the comic pages and gives you a monthly sketch request!✦
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  • Monthly sketch request!
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Mobile Mod-star

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✦Mod-stars unlock exclusive monthly mobile wallpapers lovingly crafted from the lab, hi-fi, no preservatives!✦
  • Digital mobile wallpapers exclusive to $5+
  • First 2 volumes of the se...

VR Advanced Player

$20 /mo
✦VR advanced players upgrade requests to a colour sketch! They also receive art postcards featuring the monthly TNSTAJ illustration as a personal thank you!✦
  • Exclusive postcards mailed to ...