is creating "Photo Moments"; a YouTube LIVE photography education series
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About PhotoJoseph

I started creating these "Photo Moments" on a lark, and they seem to have caught on. As a long-time educator and professional photographer, I'm excited to be able to quickly and easily share educational moments with my friends and followers. Some Photo Moments are just that — brief moments of photography and video thoughts, tips, answering questions, and a look behind the scenes. On the other hand, certain Photo Moments can be quite involved, detailed, and, well, time consuming. I'm enthusiastic about doing this and I'd love to really expand what I can do in a Photo Moment — but this isn't sustainable without financial support.

I want to engage viewers in a system of contribution that allows me to build Photo Moments with their direct help. Creating a system of viewer-funded support will be a situation in which people contribute what they feel compelled to give, making these educational moments possible. 
Especially when it comes to any kind of gear review; private funding allows me to stay totally unbiased (except for LUMIX gear — as a Panasonic LUMIX Ambassador, I'm naturally biased towards that!).

Where do I see this going? That's a great question. If I could turn this into a full-time job, traveling the world answering your photography questions, showing tips and techniques and creating elaborate shoots just to educate my audience, that would be incredible! Your contributions could lead to amazing opportunities. I could work with underprivileged kids, teaching them photography and gifting them cameras. I could document stories with a behind-the-scenes angle of events you care about. I could visit schools, workshops, camera clubs and more. There's no limit to the possibilities; your financial support is what can make any or all of this possible.

Thank you for trying to make this happen. As a Patreon supporter, you can help craft what this little project becomes.
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My first goal is to simply cover expenses, my time, and the time of my staff. If I can't at least break even, then the show can't go on forever. So let's focus on keeping this on the air to start!
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