Photobooth Wizards are creating Photobooth Graphics, Green Screens, Animated GIFs, Print layouts

Access to Photobooth Wizards facebook group (private)

$5 /mo
  • Talk to other users and photobooth gurus
  • post requests for themes, participate in polls of what we create, suggest resolutions, software support and more!

5 splendid monthly photostrip templates

$20 /mo
  • Every month get PSD's (photoshop documents) for photo-strips.  
  • Our design team creates assorted patterns, themes and layouts for usage as awesome photo strip templates.
  • We ...

2 Simple Animated GIF templates (for photobooths)

$50 /mo
  • Every month (during the first week) we provide 2 animated gif templates (image sequences, jpegs for backgrounds and if there is an overlay png sequences with transparent alpha)
  • Gifs...

Monthly Video Tutorial

$75 /mo
  • Get a high quality video tutorial recording of building various photobooth related content, we capture the screen while working on content.
  • Sometimes it may be after effects, photos...

2 Premium Animated GIF templates

$125 /mo
  • These ones take some time to conceptualize and design, 2 animated GIF templates that may require higher end booth software (such as moving position of captured guests)  
  • We use adva...

Double & Custom Package

$350 /mo
  • all previous packages...just DOUBLE this is twice the templates, gifs and training along with monthly custom orders!
  • You get 4 Premium GIFS, 2 Video Tutorials, 4 si...