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We know $1 seems like a tiny amount to give, but we're a small crew, so even a small donation will go a long way! With $1 a month you will get the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting something you enjoy.

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WOW, You Kick Butt! Your donation will help us create bigger, crazier and bad-assier content. And, for being a totally awesome human being, we will display your name at the end of each video as a thank you.

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You either have money burning a hole in your pocket (for me, that's usually welding slag) or you really believe in what we are doing. Either way, We can't express my gratitude enough. But, in the most Physics Anonymous way, I will personally thank you at some point during each episode. 



About Physics Anonymous

You have made it this far, don't turn back now! I can't express how much any donation you make means to us at Physics Anonymous. We work hard to put out our videos and that hard work often costs time and money. We couldn't do it without your help. Any amount you can give goes a long way to keeping this crazy train rolling. From the bottom of our hearts, we THANK YOU!

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