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Physics is all around us, driving our world, developing our understanding of nature, improving society, and kicking all our imaginations into gear. Yet few have access to read physics the way most academics do; there are places to learn popular physics and there are places offering overly complicated mathematical treatments, but there is no good middle ground. As a result, the public almost never tastes physics the way physicists do.

With Physics Capsule we want to strike a balance. We want to explain physics in a way most people would understand—but most people are not the same: some know a lot of mathematics while others are turned off by it. What is needed, therefore, is a compendium of articles that can be read both verbally and mathematically, depending on your inclination, so it makes sense either way without giving up the precision mathematics brings, the beautiful complexity words bring, and the drive to want to our world that physics embodies.

Physics Capsule is not a collection of facts or a wiki of articles. These are handcrafted pages that explain physics academically and are meant to educate anyone who is even remotely interested in the field while neither sacrificing simplicity for maths nor maths for popular writing. And, at the end of the day, this is our passion and we want to share it with the world for our mutual benefit.
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