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Pick Pocketing Mysterium is a web-comic published on Tapas and Webtoons starting in August 2019. 

PPM is web-comic about a young axolotl, Whiji, who goes out into the world of the unknown to find the famed gilded pocket watch that grants the users every wish and whim no matter the cost. Follow Whiji around as she meets friends and foes alike on her own version of the yellow brick road that leads to the golden pocket watch. What will she do/give up to obtain such a fortune?

**Ch.1-5 will be released sometime in August 2019. Ch.1-2 will be also available on Patreon once finished and ready for tapas and Webtoons. Don't be afraid to ask about the plot, characters, and over all webcomic! This is a one man project so if I don't respond just give me sometime. I will also try to keep my Patreon updated as much as possible. 
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The Gilded Pocket Watch
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hey, it may be a dollar, but thats what gets the plot going!

Gossip Worms
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You are vital to getting things going much like the gossip worms and their news paper in PPM.

Tarot Cards
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You have inspired a lot of what this web-comic is about and so much more. Y'all keep me going when it comes to this web-comic. 

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I will do my first live stream of behind the scenes. This may be the live stream of creating those post cards and stickers and pins. 
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