Piggie Hypnosis is creating Audio to turn men into piggies

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Just want to take a peak
$1 or more per month 5 patrons

You just want to stick your snout and snort for a little bit 

You will get to check out some stuff but the higher tiers are were the good piggies are

Unlock your piggie Brain
$3 or more per month 4 patrons

You have a little bit of my attention if you want more then go up a tier

Your innerpig loves you
$5 or more per month 3 patrons
  • This tier gets streaming audio. Everything I release in the pig niche you can listen to. Lots of humiliation in the pig niche. So if you like listening to audio like that then pick this tier. My piggie  audio is a big hit on clips4sale, sensual mistress and niteflirt.
Custom Sessions
$10 or more per month 2 patrons

Not bad piggie not bad at all I see you there and I am slightly impressed.

Good piggie
$20 or more per month 1 patron

You are on the road to becoming one of my good piggies

The Gold Standard
$35 or more per month 2 of 10 patrons

You are a Golden piggie and I hope we get to chat lots! This tier comes with personal training. 

After joining this tier message me here and we can chat almost daily. Only 10 pigs can be a gold pig at a time since I dont have time to give attention to more pigs then that.

Golden pigs have lots of my attention!

Only 10 allowed at any given time