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Knowing people care about the Pigrow and want to see it continue to grow makes me feet good.
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Having some help paying the electricity and associated costs of working on the Pigrow is a great help and makes it much easier for me to work on it.
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Being able to afford hardware such as raspberry pi's, sensors, solder and all the bits required to make, test and add new features for the Pigrow allows me to add much more interesting and useful new features. 

Also as a thank-you for your support and belief in the Pigrow I'll try to prioritise whatever features, fixes and new developments are required to make it do whatever you need it to. (as long as they're also useful to the project in general and other users) 




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Hi, I'd like to introduce myself and the Pigrow; I'm a life-long computer enthusiast, maker and also a gardening fanatic who was brought up on the produce of our small garden. I've been working on designing and making devices to increase the efficiency and productivity of our garden and to help others experience the same pleasures and health benefits home grown produce can provide.

The Pigrow Project has grown and evolved massively since I started it almost two years ago, since then we've developed many new features, refined the system and started to grow the community of users and volunteers - hopefully this is only the start for the Pigrow, we've got big ideas and huge dreams for it's continued development....
This video introduces the Pigrow2 which was the first release version, since then lots has happened and developed...

PiGrow2 Introduction from TimeTrav Prag on Vimeo.

The Pigrow is an incredibly simple yet highly effective device for controlling an indoor grow-room. Using the brilliant Raspberry Pi Zero, a couple of easily available and inexpensive components plus of course the software written by me it's able to automate and monitor the Lights, Heating and Air-Extractors so as to perfectly maintain the ideal conditions for growth. No larger than a regular plug-board and simple to set up using a phone, laptop or home computer via a wifi link it'll allow you to view graphs of the temperature and humidity in your grow and receive status-updates and warnings wherever you are.

#Why you should support the Pigrow

All the designs, code and comprehensive documentation will be shared freely to enable anyone to make their own as cheaply as possible or to modify the designs to their own requirements. I'd like to help people not only grow the best possible produce thanks to the Pigrow but also to help them learn about both gardening and automation. I'd like to help Shepard the project into being a fully active community of users working together to improve, upgrade and expand the pigrow so we can all grow the best produce.

The real aim of this project isn't to make money because to be honest I'm not really a money person – as Voltaire said the best life is one spent tending ones garden with friends. I want to help increase the quality of produce people consume, their interest in plants and nature and to allow everyone to have home grown food all year round -- of course my main aim was and still is to develop the tools that I personally need to efficiently and affordably live a halcyon life of sylvanian bliss... I love plants and gardening, it's a real pleasure to be able to be involved in this project and I hope it's something I'll be able to continue to grow and develop. 

Money of course is unfortunately as ever much needed, I only work part-time so a little help to pay my rent and feed my while I'm working on the pigrow would be much appreciated and undoubtedly help keep me and the project going, but most importantly it allows me to buy the hardware and tools I need to develop the Pigrow hardware - more sponsors means more sensors...  

#Future of the Project 

Currently the remote GUI is being finalised and perfect for it's first full and proper release, this is a wonderful tool which makes using a pigrow really easy - still plenty of features left to add into it but already it's a really useful. 
The Pigrow is designed to use interchangeable scripts making it easy to add in support for new sensors, devices or advanced features, not only are we constantly developing new scripts but we're currently working on perfecting and documenting this system and writing guides to help novice or expert coders modify or create scripts for the pigrow, hopefully this will allow people to introduce some really interesting and cool features.

I'm also going to be using the Timelapse feature to make some videos demonstrating the effects various things have on plant grown, Timelapse is a great way to monitor and diagnose your plants by actually watching them respond to stimulus with various forms of tropism and growth bias, it can really help open up a whole new way of looking at vegetation and I'd like to make some video guides so people know what to look for and can understand what's happening when they use the pigrows timelapse features. 

I'd like to create a range of videos and educational resources including games and learning toys which help people understand the fascinating and beautiful world of plants, using dual grow cabinets and a range of time-lapse, microscopy, thermal imaging techniques, sensor data and etc i'd like to create a series of comparison videos which really help demonstrate the effects various conditions have on the growth of plants and to help people understand the best ways to look after their garden.

 Beyond this I'd like to create various other devices from water-butt cleaning to vertical wall garden systems all using highly modern automation to aid natural growing processes and enable even the busiest people to have productive home gardens.


Thanks for your interests and good luck with your garden! 
Thanks and any questions, comments or ideas please message me here or at [email protected]
$72.68 of $100 per month
Proper meals and the occasional Farnel or RS order, I'll be fighting fit and have most the bits I need to get on with making some really useful devices...  Kinda....

At this level I'll be able to concentrate most my time on the project and will be motivated by the knowledge others are genuinely keen to see it grow... 
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