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The Nice Save tier costs you only $1 per month. All tier 1 donators will be listed at the end of each video. (soccer and nature vids)
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Great GOAL! Much appreciated. I can almost see the pitch through that new sports lens already! Listing with brief mention of name/company you desire at start of each soccer & nature video... You will also get listed at the end of all nature & soccer videos and also all other nature and general public videos I do. If you have a custom Web Page or other name you want to use, email me on [email protected]
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You're amazing. Thank you so very much. With this tier you get not only listed before and after my soccer and nature videos, you also get a custom filming session! That's right, we come interview you (if close by Pijnacker) or film whatever you like and create a nice video for you. We can also video you via Skype or other online services and do it that way! 1 hour on-site time, plus production time, all included! CUSTOM COMPANY VIDEO (or charity/personal video) for you!




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About Pijnacker01

Pijnacker01 is run by myself, David Dilling, and I specialise in videography. I am an American living in Pijnacker, The Netherlands for some twenty years now. Besides filming typical Dutch things, I have become quite adept to recording, soccer matches and the nature around me.

As house photographer/videographer for OLIVEO, I film a lot of soccer matches, trainings and events around the sport. From youth action to the first team (2nd class division) and from the clubhouse to the indoor hall. I love to capture a goal almost as much as the player scoring it!

With nature I will be spur to film anything that moves or catches my interest. Being in South Holland, The Netherlands, means I film a lot of birds and in particular waterfowl. Water birds such as SwansBlue HeronGreat Grebes and Spoonbills to name a few species.

Crypto currency, blockchain, technology, graphic design, Adobe, the Bible and much more I also cover. My day job is with Markzware, a leading provider of preflight and conversion tools for InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and QuarkXPress.

Lenses, cameras and equipement is expensive. I film, rain or shine, so my gear takes a beating. Any help I can get towards saving for a new Nikon camera, sports lens and other equipment would be highly appreciated by my family and of course myself. Thank you. Always feel free to drop me an email with any questions or requests.