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is creating a creative arts space
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About Megan cousins-

This journey is for all of us. As time goes on we are collectively awakening into our true self. Allowing our true talents to emerge out of a shell. The time to create the vision we each want. We awake to realize we are here growing together.

I am here to create a event space for us all to grow in the lavishing feel of another’s vision. As we grow in the fields of talent, art, music, health, mind, body, soul and more. The vision is yours, this is just the door to make it happen. Open it and come explore. 
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Together we are here to create a event space for us all. Weekly event production is the vision! Be apart of this growing scene. Vision your wants and allow them to come to life. 

As we push to the all time step in building a eco friendly community village with a BIG touch of music and art
(3D Visions are being made now)! 
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