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About Laura Watton (PinkAppleJam)

Hello and thank you for reading! So, why should you consider pledging a monthly dollar to sponsor PinkAppleJam?

I've been working on my "Biomecha" story for many years now. It was one of the earliest UK indie comics that was influenced by Japanese comics and game artwork. I have published 400 pages since starting, and 200 pages of the entire story remain. So I've been working on a relaunch with the consistent aim to finish it.

The edited version of the original comic has new dialogue developed for it with my editor-friend, and I am working on reprinting Book 1, plus getting the individual issues for Book 2 polished, ready for book format publishing. After that, all that remains is Book 3 - for the story to be completed. With a little editorial assistance from my good friend, I'm continuing to work on it independently - and that means compiling a budget to get the product printed and completed in it's entirety.

Biomecha is an intermittently-published comic by myself (Laura Watton-Davies). It combines science fiction with romantic comedy/tragedy. Launched in 1995, it was one of the earliest British comics to be inspired by Japanese comics. 

As an indie storyteller I want to do the whole "beginning, middle and end" thing... to finish what I started, but to use it to explain to others why starting your own thing is extremely awesome, fun and rewarding.  It also stylistically represents what the older UK anime and manga scene was experiencing at the time, so it has that extra added 'bonus' of being a bit of old UK manga fandom 'history'. It predates the culture of webcomics... but this is something that Patreon sponsorship is currently exploring. and host the story in it's current form. Biomecha will be available to read online at one point in it's entirety, too.

Anyways this is a mini documentary-video about me and why I do what I do by another awesome friend. (And shots of all my inspirations for work!)

As a comic artist and illustrator, why do I continue with such a legacy product? Well, I want to get my stories out there and to encourage other readers (especially younger ones) to go for broke with their own - to develop their own stories and draw them, get them out there too, and importantly, get them FINISHED! I'm extremely enthusiastic about comics and visual forms of narrative. Even though company-publishing avenues are narrow in the UK, the bountiful exploration of small print indie publishing is forever growing. Be your own boss!

When I was at school, like many other kids, I retreated into my own world. That world has stayed by my side since the mid-90's (it's a very loyal universe!). Along my path through education and young adulthood I always found time to draw my comic - even when life decided to go on 'hard mode', even with all it's distractions I was always grounded when I was able to find time to concentrate on doing my own work. It is a process that has helped 'recalibrate' me and help me maintain focus - even when doing different comic stories, this one has always maintained it's presence in my life and is always a focal point for conversation.

Biomecha It is a project that maintains it's presence close to my heart and is worked on whenever I get chance. This Patreon account started in mid-2014. I've never done a pledge account, Kickstarter funder or anything like this. I'm really interested in the service that Patreon offers, the support of a consistent $1 (approx. 60p) - it's not a massive donation, so to me it totally feels better than the pressure for both sides to contribute/provide immediately for that lump sum though of course I would not complain if anyone wanted to go for the bigger sums and cancel after a while!

Patreon offers this; donations are taken at the end of each month so after it has left your account via PayPal, you can cancel. The idea of "being a patron", you're totally supporting the creator, helping them out so they can do that work, a total investment :) So far it is working out brilliantly, and I am grateful for everyone's time and sponsorship. In return for the sponsorship I email small statements of progress and what's happening in my world of comics, stories about what was happening at the time of original Biomecha publication, and cat pics! :3

Biomecha is a story has taken a while to unfold and I know it needs to end. It must end! And like most self-published pieces, it would not be possible without fellow readers, artists, friends.

Thank you for your patience while I roll with these new ways of tech-progression which enables my stories to get out there. 

A monthly Patreon subscription donation is a contribution to the PinkAppleJam comics tip jar. Every little bit helps. I am sincerely grateful for your continued sponsorship and support!
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Monthly pledges enable all readers to view Biomecha Book 3 content when it goes up online... but when this goal is hit (and maintained!), Patrons will also get totally-out-of-print PinkAppleJam archival-comics uploaded online to read, too! Only 1 x monthly patron charge per every 8 pages uploaded :)


Archival Comics List =
  • Sea Bream Dream [2006] - available now!
  • Reluctant Soldier Princess Nami [2001-2007] - available now!
  • Kara Death [1996] - **NEXT! When pledges hit $100/month**
  • M*A*Z*H [2007]
  • Boiled Spoons [1996-2001]
  • Sunshine Bully [2006]
Thank you ♥
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