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About PinkyGirl

Hey there guys!
I've been working with digital art for a few years now and improved so much that I can make some pretty cool fan art. I mostly make fan art for games such as FNAF, Undertale/Deltarune, Kirby, Megaman, Paper Mario, etc.

I also create Youtube videos ranging from speedpaints/art related to video game related (or something completely different). While I used to make "animations" (if I should ever still call them that), but as of now I do not create them for the sake of trying to understand animating a bit more.

You will most likely know me from either my Youtube channel (PinkyGirl) or my Deviantart page (same name), but I like most people to call me Pinky for short.
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I will post at least one piece of fan art every week depending on my schedule and certain conditions that is going on in my life.
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