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Creating The Pip System Primer

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About Eloy Lasanta

The Pip System is a genre-bending rules system perfect for any level of roleplaying experience. With the release of the Pip System Corebook, Third Eye Games is now going to be releasing brand new supporting material on a quarterly basis. Each publication will be a different theme, such as fantasy or spycraft, with supporting essays highlighting different aspects of that theme, a ready-to-play adventure, and supporting Extras for the adventure or to use in your own game.

Each quarterly e-zine will be combined into a year-end anthology that will be available in both PDF and print formats through Third Eye Games. This anthology will include everything published over the year and will be available for purchase outside of our Patreon. For future publications, after the first, we will also be putting calls out to artists and writers who want to contribute to the Pip System Primer. More information on that will be released in the next few weeks.

Third Eye Games has been around for almost a decade now, and has created a number of amazing worlds across several systems for new and old players alike to dive into and enjoy. Our latest is the Pip System, capable of taking any shape needed for just about any game.

The Pip System Primer Project

Not only is Third Eye Games working on official setting books for the Pip System, such as the upcoming A Kid's Guide to Monster Hunting, we are reaching out to talented writers and creators to come up with even more material through the new Pip system Primer. We’ve already seen so much great creativity in our Pip System G+ Community, and we want to start highlighting all the ways people are (and can) use the Pip System to make awesome games.

Each Primer will follow a theme, such as Spycraft or Fantasy, released roughly quarterly. Each will also include a minimum amount of material, composed of a combination of the following:
  • 1 or 2 Articles on the Theme
  • New mechanics to add to your games
  • Ready-to-Run Adventures
  • Premade Characters
To get a subscription to the Pip System Primer, just become a paton at the $2 level (which is a discount on what it will sell for outside of this Patreon). That’s it! You will only be charged once a quarter when we publish the Pip System Primer. Our schedule for publication is currently February, May, August, November, but we’re keeping it flexible (as long as it’s released within the Quarter). If you want to gift a subscription, you can go to $3 pledge level, and get two copies (one for you and one for a friend). If you want to be more involved, at higher levels you can participate in Q&As that we’ll be recording each quarter after the publication comes out. These will then be put up on YouTube.

How Can I Help?

Becoming a patron today and you’ll get your copy of the Pip System Primer as soon as it’s published each quarter! If you can’t, we totally understand. There are other ways you can help out! Here is a list of ways you can help us continue making the content that we want to give you!

  1. Review The Pip System Corebook on DriveThru and Amazon
  2. Share this Patreon with your friends
  3. Join and participate in our G+ group for Pip System
  4. View our Q&As on Youtube and like the videos (links as soon as we start them)
  5. Run and play the Pip System with your friends!
  6. Come say hi to us at conventions! We love to meet fans.

What Happens Next?

We are already hard at work on Pip System Primer #1, but there is so much excitement and room for growth. A lot of this material will be based on what YOU the subscribers wan, and we’ll be posting polls to see what Themes and content you want to see. The more subscribers we have for Pip System Primer, the more content we can deliver to you each quarter.

So... pledge! We'll be posting updates as to what to expect soon!
$93.60 of $250 per Quarterly Release
We'll do 2 quarterly Q&As! Twice the fun!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts

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