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By supporting The Pixel Dan Channel and Toyslosion with your $1 pledge, you'll get early access to new episodes of Toysplosion and other videos before they are made public! You also get access to Patreon exclusive Live Streams and the exclusive Discord server! You'll also have the chance to communicate directly with me, and might even be able to help determine topics for future episodes. Other random early or exclusive videos will also be offered along the way!
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About Dan Eardley

Hi. My name is Dan. I like toys.

In fact, I like toys so much that I created a YouTube page to share my love of the toy industry and toy collecting hobby over 10 years ago! I'm still here, and still loving it.

For the past decade I've had the pleasure of reviewing various action figures and toys, both brand new and vintage. I've traveled around the country covering industry shows like New York Toy Fair and San Diego Comic Con to bring you my unique perspective. And I do it all in the name of fun...because what's the point in collecting toys if you're not having fun?!

In an effort to keep moving forward and try new things, I recently launched a new series titled Toysplosion. This is my attempt to bring viewers a more polished and episodic series about toys and the toy collecting hobby. With a heavy influence on retro toys, with just a hint of modern collectible goodness, the purpose of this show is less about reviewing toys, and more about allowing you to reminisce about the enjoyment an old action figure provided you, or possibly introduce you to a toy line you've never even heard of. 

So, why the Patreon? I don't think I need to tell you that a lot of time, love, and even money is put into my channel. But that's really not your problem. And truth be told, I love this and I will always  find a way to keep doing this. 

But every little bit helps. So if you enjoy what I do, a "tip" here through Patreon is truly appreciated. But my content will always be free. I want you to really want to support me. I don't want you to feel obligated.

Regardless, I appreciate any and all support, even if you're just here to watch my content. Thanks for reading, thanks for watching...and until next time!
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Let's start with this. $300 will go a long way in helping with the continued production of Toysplosion, as well as all of my other videos on The Pixel Dan Channel. This will go towards acquiring any specific pieces that may be needed for an episode, equipment upgrades as necessary, and just helping to keep the wheels in motion.

Once this goal has been reached, I'll add a new monthly "Retro Toy Rewind" video series to my schedule. These will be edited in a similar manner to Toysplosion, but with the focus on one retro action figure per video as voted on by my Patrons.
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