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About Pixel Happy Games

Good morning, good evening, or good whatever it is for you!  We are Pixel Happy Games, a game development studio founded in 2018 by Joseph Ravan, better known as BestVillain64 online. We are a small group of freelance creators from around the world coming together to tell amazing stories with lovable characters.

In Pixel Happy Game Girls: Your childhood friend Masako invites you to work at her indie game studio, and help accomplish her dreams. You soon learn that making a game is harder than it sounds.

In Breathless: Aki Murakami has an unusual ability to turn invisible when she holds her breath. But things get interesting when school idol Megumi Amano finds out her secret, and the two discover that they have more in common than they thought.

As much as we wish it was the case, game development does not come cheap. As of right now, our projects are mostly self funded out of pocket. With Patreon, you can help fund the development of our games and help them be as good as they can be.

Even if you don't donate, we want to thank you for dropping by. It's your support that allows us to make the best products we can.
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I will get a high-quality commission of a PHG character of your choice wearing a maid outfit. (The choice will be made in a Patreon exclusive poll)
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