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Base level unit of Hard Corps. While not as specialized as some of the other units, you form the foundation of every HC operation. By performing simple, but useful tasks you make sure that the lights stay on.

This tier includes: 

  • Trooper role in my Discord
  • Credit at the end of my next video.
  • Hearty "Hoah!" from me.
Includes Discord benefits

Grid Runner

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Hard Corps recon unit specialized in obtaining and redistributing resources and trafficking intel. Your innate speed and reliability combined with high perception factor make you a valuable link between other units spread across the net.

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  • Explosive fist bump from me!
  • Credit at the end of my next video.
  • Grid Runner role in my Discord.
Includes Discord benefits

Cyber Decker

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Specialized security force of Hard Corps. Stationed in satellite HC bases you monitor all ongoing traffic in the net, you make sure that all HC operations continue uninterrupted no matter the circumstances.

This tier includes:

  • Credit at the end of my next video.
  • Cyber Decker role in my Discord
  • Earth-shattering headbutt from me.
Includes Discord benefits




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About PixelPolishTV

My name is PixelPolish, pleased to meet you, Runner.
From the transmission tower located on the outskirts of Freescape City, I’m broadcasting my ventures into the immersive world of video games under the banner of PixelPolishTV, all throughout the net. Of course we’re talking all sort
s of games (mostly retro) that capture my imagination and since you’re here, possibly yours as well. Come, join me in my quest to explore the vast gaming landscape, revisit the classics and even discover some hidden gems that we have never experienced before.

Some people think this is a one man operation, but little do they know that it’s Runners like you that keep the lights on, doing their part from behind the scenes. Without your support I’m just a drifter at the mercy of the corporate machine. But with your aid, I can remain independent and boldly venture into the corporate agenda infested waters, knowing that you’ve got my back.
And for that I thank you, Runner. Now pick your tags and let’s go!

How’s that for an intro, eh? ;)

Let’s get back on the ground for a moment for some real-talk. As you might have surmised from the in-fiction introduction above, I’m an independent YouTube creator of the retro gaming variety. I’ve been a gamer since the 80’s and become what I consider a hard-core gamer in mid-90’s. My fascination with games lead me into all sorts of different genres and platforms – from a Famiclone that I’ve had as a child, through the Arcades (so glad I’ve got to experience that), video game consoles and finally PC. I’m not a one game, one genre or one platform kind of creator. There’s way too many great titles scattered all around the place to limit myself (and you) like that. And that is what my YouTube channel is all about – sharing my passion with you and hopefully spreading it far and wide.

But what makes PixelPolishTV different from any other YouTube channel out there?

A fair question. I do more than just sit down in front of a mic and talk about a game shown on screen for 6 minutes and give it a score out of 10. Nothing against that format by the way, it’s just not my thing. I have enveloped my game coverage in cyberpunk aesthetics and fictional world, with interesting places, events an characters that form an overarching narrative.

In reality, this actually is a one man operation. I do everything myself: 2D and 3D graphics, level design, texture work, animations, audio engineering, music (a bit), writing, recording, voiceovers and finally video editing. Everything you see here and on my channel I have made myself. This requires a lot of time and effort, but there’s also the hardware and software side. I wouldn’t be able to do any of that without a decent PC with all the required apps installed, and let’s not forget about the audio/video capturing equipment and finally the games themselves.

As you can imagine, this requires a lot of work (and funds) over a significant amount of time that I have to share between my day job, chores, relationships, social life, etc. Maintaining the balance between all of this should be an Olympic discipline, let me tell you that. I admire everyone who seems to deal with that effortlessly 😉

By becoming my Patron you not only let me know that you value my labor of love beyond liking/subscribing, but you also secure the future of the channel. Your hard-earned money goes into hardware and software updates and/or replacements, expanding my library of games to cover.

“But what do I get in return?” you might ask. Well, other than your own satisfaction and my undying gratitude, you get a spot in the credits, a special thanks at the end of the video, a VIP role on my Discord server and access to live stream VODs. Doesn’t seem like much, compared to some other offerings, does it? Let me explain. I could have offered early access to my videos, different tiers of access to my Discord, etc. The reason why I’m not doing it is because I don’t want to divide audiences based on their financial status and/or generosity. Everyone gets access to the same content, no matter how much they contribute. The only unique perk that I offer to the highest tiers is the Producer Credit, as I think we can all agree that such generosity should be highlighted in BIG, BOLD letters and   fluorescent   colors .

In time, some new and fair perks might come up as the channel evolves, but only time will tell what that will be. I'd love to be able to offer you physical tags instead of just neon-colored pics.

Oh, and I almost forgot! The other half of my public activities includes maintaining several Facebook groups for some of the games I love, with over 100K combined members and growing! All of these can be found in the Groups section of my Facebook page.

So anyway, if you have read all of this, kudos to you! Thank you for stopping by, for your support and see you around!
$10.20 of $100 per month

An ongoing effort to keep the lights on in the Hard Corps HQ while maintaining independence from the Corporations. That includes hardware upgrades and procuring games for the channel.
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