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$1 /mo
The Bare Minimum. It's cool if you can only afford to kick a dollar my way. I don't mind too much and all support is super appreciated and you'll still get my games, stories, and art and all that.

$10 /mo
Copper Star. You get the right to vote on content polls and the like.

$25 /mo
Silver Star.  Everything Copper Star + You get access to content a month earlier than Copper Stars.

$50 /mo
Gold Star. Copper Star + Silver Star + Print on Demand coupons for any Tabletop RPG content.

$100 /mo
Platinum Star. Copper Star + Silver Star + Gold Star + You have a sizeable impact on what I work on & also my unbelievable gratitude.

$200 /mo
??? Star. The benefits of all four of the other stars. If you pledge this much you'll have my everlasting gratitude and just completely dumbfounded appreciation.