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is creating pixel art weapons
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mask spider
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i need this its cool if you support me by this but just by supporting me for free is just enough for me (is supporting creator here sometime free tho idk?) (you can have a little pixel art weapon)

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mask potato
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this will help me alot lot tho but ye (you get a pixel art weapon)

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pixel fox
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i can make you a good pixel art weapon with this

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(not really act like Canadian)i`m from Indonesia act like Canadian look Asians a bit but love Russia i watch video and play my tab, my mom use to call me   l o s e r   and my friend is kinda suck, but this year i rest from school and free all the time? i like pun and i like to make you smile i`m a little bit sad so i made this, i draw pixel art about 3 day and still have my half year skill to be honest but i need money to save up for my something? and my life? i`m new here so i don`t know what am i doing ()
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5 is really good kinda, if i reach the goal thank you guys
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