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About Plague Raven

Hello there! My name's RJ, though many recently call me Raven as well! I am but a small nerd making art for the things she's obsessed with. I specialize in digital art, with a bit of animation, sculpting, and some traditional art on the side! I occasionally stream art (Picarto) or video games (Picarto/Twitch) as well!

Want to know where to find me? Click one of these links!

So what do you get from me if you give me money? Well, on top of the rewards that you get from your patron level, I've got a couple other special things as well!

After you've been a Patron for two months, you get to cash in your tier's free art! And then again every other month after that! (The two months rule is to protect me from grab and runs).

If you're a Patron for long enough and your TOTAL patronage over time reaches $200, you're eligible for a bonus piece of art, including a full shaded piece, a sculpture, or an animation! (Some limits do apply).

Patron suggestions and requests are taken more heavily than random passerby, so things like requests for commission types (such as YCH, adoptables, etc.), tutorials, special streams, games to play, things to draw, and so on are more likely to be fulfilled!

As time goes on and I get a better feel for this community, more things should be added! Feel free to comment on anything and just kinda hang out and have fun! I don't bite TOO often, and honestly, I'm probably more scared of you than you are of me. Do enjoy your stay, and good luck in all your endeavors! Thanks for visiting!
$5 of $15 per month
At $15 (and at least two patrons) I'll get a subscription so I can host multistreams, so you can stream your art and such alongside me! It will also allow me to host private, patron-only streams to make Patreon events extra-special, as well as do in-stream raffles and other prizes! And I'll hold a patron-only stream and sketch requests for a couple hours to celebrate!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts
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