Midori is creating Social Practice Art & Books for grown-up play.


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As a Patron, you have my huge gratitude.
  • Unlock writings only you can see.  Behind the scenes &  art progress. 
  • I'll ask for your input & suggestions on my work. I want to...

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Double love x Double gratitude. 

Yes! You'll get notes and updates of projects.

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Friends Get Me There Safely.

I spend a lot of time & gas driving to/from rehearsals, studios & venues. This is exhausting. You'd help me to keep gas in the tank and get there safely!



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Let's spend some time together!
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You are my hero! 
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King David's Royal Kibbles

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King David is my fur baby. A 20 lb Mainecoon love bug. He has a huge appetiete. And he eats when I'm packing to leave for the road. This is what it costs to feed him every month.   


Super Hero

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You are unbelievable! Your super powers are propelling me through to new creative dimensions! 
  • Strange souveniers from Japan & other travels. Yes, I will mail something odd I picked up...

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You naughty naughty one! ;)  Your mind is as flexible as your body.  This proves you're a generous lover...of art!  Everytime you support me, I will feel a tingle because of you.
  • A special...

The Isabella Stewart Gardner

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Be my Isabella! Isabella Steward Gardner was a leading American art collector, philanthropist, & patron of the arts. Her museum in Boston is amazing! 
  • Strange souveniers from my travel...

The Gertrude Stein

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Like Stein, you are the source of strength for me to continue through the challenges of creation. Your support allows me to buy art supplies. 
  • Strange souveniers from my travels.