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As a new member of the Player 2 Crew you will get your name up in lights (with a link to your Twitter handle if you so desire) on the Player 2 Patreon Backers Page. You will also get access to our ...

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As a seasoned P2 Crew Member you get access to a range of video content early.

This content includes episodes of our various video shows, Player 2 Plays, The Insider, Patched and Video Ga...

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You have joined the Elite unit of Player 2 crew members.

Your contribution will you access to exclusive giveaways, competitions and events that are not available to others. You can a...


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Welcome Captain,

In your quarters you will find a free game! Yes, for obtaining the rank of Captain we will give you one free game. We will even do our very best to make sure it is o...


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For the Admiral's out there we have something special

Each Admiral will receive one limited edition Player 2 T-shirt. As the premier members of the Player 2 crew you need to dress in...


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For those of you that deserve the highest of honors, the Presidential Pass, you will get access to something that will befit your stature.

You will be invited to join the Player 2 wr...