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Have you been running AdBlock and feel slightly guilty about it? Do you wish you could give a nominal amount of money and disable the annoying ads, or support us directly instead of dealing with the middle-man? Well have I got a deal for you!

Pledge just $1.00 per month and have ads removed from Playoff Predictors for the duration of your pledge. At $1.00, you are giving 1000x more to Playoff Predictors than if you viewed and clicked every ad you possibly could over that month.

Nobody likes ads. Not you, not us. Supporting at this nominal level will allow you to provide financial support and rid yourself of any guilt you may feel by running AdBlock, or just downright remove ads entirely.

Please note, if you donate at this level, your Patreon email account and your Playoff Predictors username will need to match. If your Playoff Predictors username is't the same, please reach out to me and we'll make it work.

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You'll get access to the Patron-only posts here on Patreon, get to weigh in on our roadmap, and the order we add and build features into the website. 

All Alpha features will be posted to our Patreon page for this tier, so you'll get access to the most advanced features and help us steer the direction of the application.

Additionally, you'll be granted a Patron user-level in our Discord server which will give you exclusive access to our Patron channels. 

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About Ray Lehnhoff

Who are you?

I'm Ray Lehnhoff, creator of Playoff Predictors. I've been working on Playoff Predictors since May 2014 back when it was called the NFL Schedule Picker, and was the spiritual successor to a web application made for the NFL Subreddit to break ties. (You can even see the older project on my GitHub!)

Playoff Predictors has come a long way since those days in terms of reliability, user experience, and complexity of the application.

Okay, but what is Playoff Predictors?

Playoff Predictors is a suite of tools that, in a nut shell, allows you to predict the outcome of every game of a season. It then takes those game picks, runs that sport's tiebreakers against your picks, and generates the league's seeds and post-season. You can then pick the post-season out to the end and share it with your friends, family, blog readers, twitter followers, or anyone that will listen.

The site's success comes from our willingness to work closely with our community to fix issues with our tiebreakers and to add features to the website at a fairly rapid pace. We concern ourselves greatly with getting tiebreakers correct, and work diligently to make sure our tools are the best available tie-breaking engines on the Internet. 

Over consecutive seasons, we've consistently broken complex ties correctly, as opposed to other tie-breaking engines out there from much larger companies. We're not perfect, however, when we have been wrong, we've quickly corrected the issues with our tie-breakers. In some cases, we've even paid out bounties to people that have reported serious issues.

So what's the Patreon for?

Playoff Predictors began as a passion product, and has increased in size and scale to cover two major American sports, the NFL and the NBA.

Playoff Predictors is entirely run, built, and maintained by a single person - me - and it's been slowly getting too large for just one person to do it all. The costs of hosting a web application like Playoff Predictors scales with the amount of data and users it gets, and the cost of developing, testing, and maintaining web applications is ever increasing. Additionally, maintaining a project the size and scale of Playoff Predictors isn't feasible off of ad revenue alone in the long run.

At some point, which is quickly approaching, I'll need to hire help to continue to grow the site and add new features that I know you'll love.

With the direct support of you and our wonderful community, I want to be able to ensure Playoff Predictors can continue to grow, scale, add new sports, and add awesome features. The goal is to ensure the financial stability of Playoff Predictors and the continued viability of the platform. I want Playoff Predictors to be around for the long haul.

I believe ads ruin the user experience, slows down the application, and generally makes the Internet a worse place to be. As a result, I don't want to rely on ads alone to support Playoff Predictors. Thus, the necessity for something like Patreon.

Patreon allows you to become more directly involved with Playoff Predictor's continued success by being a financial supporter.

No, really, what do you need the money for today?

I'm glad you asked! The Patreon funds will cover a variety of costs we have today:
  • Server/web hosting
  • Domain name purchases
  • SSL Certificates
  • Database, Cache, and Cloud hosting
  • Software needed to build and improve the website
  • Payments of bug bounties
  • E-mail services
  • Collaboration tools

What will you use the money for in the future?

  • The hiring of contract workers at fair wages to help us improve the website, notably:
    • Logo and Graphic Designers to help us improve the user experience of our website
    • A Quality Assurance Engineer to make sure the website is working properly as we add new features
    • Additional Software Developers to help build awesome features for you 
  • The creation of new Predictors
    • This is probably the most exciting thing! We want to add predictors for the following, but please note that this list isn't all inclusive of what we want to do:
      • eSports, such as Overwatch League and MOBA Tournaments
      • All major professional American sports:
        • MLB
        • NHL
        • MLS
        • CFL (Canadian Football League)
    • Major American collegiate sports including, but not limited to:
      • NCAA Football 
      • NCAA Basketball
    • Special international sporting events:
      • Olympics
      • World Cup
      • The International DotA Tournament
  • The improvement of existing predictors
    • We want to improve the User Experience of the current predictors, and give the site more character by hiring designers to help us make the experience of Playoff Predictors better for everyone
    • We want to add probability statistics for game outcomes
    • Better support for individual sports' drafts, and draft orders
  • Video tutorials to help guide new users through our features and how to use the website to its fullest

Alright, you've convinced me. How can I help?

First of all, thank you! Truly, your support means so much to me, and I'm extremely grateful. You can help by contributing to this Patreon. Even something as little as a dollar helps me to keep the lights on for this web application that we all love so much. Larger gifts help Playoff Predictors move our development roadmap along even faster, but anything helps. 

Thank you so much. Your support means the world to me.
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