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Hey! This is Dakota from PlentyofBL and I've always been interested in watching BL series and videos from multiple countries! One day, I had a thought of why not share my love of BL and fanboy with other fans who love BL so that's why I created my channel. Now, I bet you're wondering why I decided to create a patreon. Unfortunately on Youtube, there are certain shows I can't react to because of copyright and if I try to upload reaction videos to said shows, my videos will get blocked instantly and it's a serious headache. BUT I finally decided that I didn't want that to stop me from sharing my love for any and every types of BL shows so that's why I'm making this patreon to upload reactions that I can't upload to Youtube. On this page, you'll have FULL and FREE access to my reaction videos that can't go on my Youtube channel. Unlike my youtube videos, my patreon only reaction videos will mostly have little editing so you'll get to see mostly raw reactions to most scenes that you wouldn't get to see on my channel. Sounds like a deal? I hope to see you guys here!
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