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At this tier, you will be given a shout-out on the podcast. 

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Access to our post-show portion of the podcast. 

Vicious Mockery
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Right in the feels.

Our Bard is terrible at coming up with insults, so why don't you do it for him. Give us your best insult for vicious mockery and our bard will use it during play. 

Shocking Grasp
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At this tier, you can name an NPC. 

Mage Hand
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At this tier, you get to make up an item for the DM to introduce to the campaign. The DM does have permission to make changes to the item for the sake of game balance. 

Devilish Charm
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WOW, you really know how to charm the pants of us!

At this tier you will get to play a 1 hour session with us online. Let's have some fun together! 




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About Plenty of Cantrips

Plenty of Cantrips, is a podcast created to give a voice to those of us nerds who aren't always represented in media. We are dedicated to creating a fun, comedic, and engaging experience for our listeners. Every week we release new episodes, and encourage fan engagement!

If you have sugestions for new tiers, let us know by reaching out to us on social media.

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