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Hello! My name is Eddie and I live in Denver, CO. I bought a Tesla Model S in November 2015 and instantly fell in love. I've been a car nut my whole life and it has become, by far, my favorite car ever. 

I spent many years in the radio broadcast industry, programming stations and being on-air in Detroit, Buffalo, Salt Lake City, Albuquerque, Denver and more. I was having lunch with a friend who suggested I start a podcast. But what would it be about? What interests do I have that anyone would want to hear about? Well, we proceeded to talk about nothing but my Tesla for the remainder of the lunch I realized how passionate I am about Tesla. How I love talking about the car and sharing my stories with anyone who will listen. So in December 2016 I created the very first episode of Plug Your Ride

My goal from day one was to share my thoughts and stories of being a Tesla owner with anyone interested. Whether you are a current owner, future owner or just interested, I hope you find something of interest each week. 

In December 2017, just after the one year anniversary of the show, I met a couple who listens to the podcast regularly. They were passing through after purchasing their Model S on the west coast. In the course of the conversation one of them mentioned that I should start a Patreon campaign so people could contribute if they enjoy the show. They weren't down to sign up for something that I'd get a paid referral from but would be happy to contribute if there was a way. So here we are. 

If you enjoy the podcast, please consider making a contribution. I spend a lot of time researching, writing, and producing the show each week. I've invested in equipment to ensure that I can give you a professional, broadcast-quality show. Oh, and I blew through my mileage allotment 2/3 of the way through my lease. And the show is much better with road trip stories. Those cost me $.25 a mile now!

Regardless of whether you make a contribution, please accept my gratitude for sharing a little time with me each week. I love talking about Teslas... and it's much more fun if someone is actually listening! 
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