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Paul E King

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About Paul E King

So, the idea here is to get some income so we can afford to remove some of the advertising from Pocketables and hopefully be able to purchase some of the equipment we review.

As it stands now we're pretty much at the mercy of PR firms and whether they choose to send us something or not, and the site's on track with advertising to repay Paul for the purchase price sometime in 2026.

We're adding a complete transparency page on Pocketables and you can see what the actual income to expense ratio is. Hint: it's not particularly good.

I want to be able to pay the people who make content people want to read, not just leave them to review items and hope that the review is worth their time.
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At $300 a month we'll drop all Google advertising (monthly) as long as we're under still 35,000 visitors a day. I'll also be able to pay the editors a bit for content.
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