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is creating a podcast for players of Vampire the Masquerade.

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Jennifer Wolfe-
A self-professed professional nerd and scholar, Jenn has been playing Vampire: The Masquerade since she first started college in the mid-1990’s and hasn’t stopped either activity since. Jenn loves to bring both her keen sense of story and her research talents to the table in both her role-playing and her storytelling, with a love of the more esoteric and offbeat sort of stories. When she isn’t busy playing vampiric nun mages or recording podcasts, she continues her ever-present work on her Ph.D. in Early Christian history, working to keep her boss sane, and financing her Hamilton addiction. Originally from Virginia and Missouri, Jenn now resides in the Los Angeles area.
John Long-
Some bloke who has been playing Mind's Eye Theater pretty much since it began. It was a cool Jacksonville night, just after the New Year, and a goth club. After that, he was hooked. The World of Darkness gave John the framework within which the build tales of the Dark Fantastic. Moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the motion picture industry, he found a city filled with stories of broken hearts and broken dreams, he had found a world of darkness. Inspired by the masters of Noir he writes scripts for a variety of media. When he's not busy writing the next horror noir screenplay or recording a podcast, he's neck deep in the WOD.

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